Sommer Antennas has been a manufacturer and producer of quality amateur radio antennas and antennas for professional use for more than 20 years. Developed by DJ2UT in Germany, our beams were first introduced to the U.S. market at the 1984 Dayton Hamvention and have been manufactured in the U.S. since 1989. Today Sommer Antennas are used in amateur radio and MARS stations throughout the world including embassies, airlines, government agencies, the military, restaurants and international nonprofit organizations.

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For Technical Information
About Sommer Beams


XP404 Basic Model 10-12-15-20 meter bands

XP504 Basic Model 10-12-15-20 m bands

XP704 Basic Model 10-12-15-20 m bands

XP804 Basic Model 10-12-15-20 m bands

* Optional two-position mast clamps


T-25 25 ft/7.5 m Radiator



Sommer Antennas featured
on front page in Japan

HI8HS reports from the Dominican Republic that his XP807 beam survived the 1998 hurricane "Georges" with wind speeds above 100 mph (160 km/hour) without any damage. See "Comments" section for more reviews of our products. Need personal support?

Using his Sommer XP705 5-band beam, top OP HB9RG, Hans-Ruedi, worked the following from Switzerland:

  • All US counties (3076!)
  • All DXCC countries
    (except N. Korea)
  • WAS-WAZ, etc. on
    10-15-20 m


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